Personal Honours Project Introduction

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The first day was spent going through the introduction to the module and going through some exercises to get us back into the way of it. We then did some brainstorming ideas for our personal honours project research.

We were provided with worksheets to help identify our own ambitions and passions which really helped to guide the direction of the brainstorming to ideas that would be compelling and interesting. I’m looking into building an application that will help people improve their skills and help others build on theirs too.

Currently, this aim revolves around two decidedly different applications but with the same strong theme of communal learning.

Creative Live Streaming [PDF]

My first idea is the one I’m most excited about which is a live streaming platform for people to share their creative process while drawing, crafting, coding, composing or any other creative endeavor they want to share with the world. This would allow them to tag broadcasts to indicate the mediums they are working with. I’ve never found myself anxious to get back to writing a brief before, but I feel that such a service could really help people out and was exciting enough to provoke a working lunch.

Communal Coding [PDF]

Another, slightly more technical variation of this is a service similar to jsfiddle or codepen but which is much more focused around searching and browsing code snippets than the two. Users would be provided was a basic environment to write client-side code and tag it to allow people to easily search for snippets using certain technologies or functions. This would allow people to access pieces of code relevant to methods that they are researching and learn from disecting other people’s examples.

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