Keep Directory Structure When Uploading

1:18 pm

So lately I’ve been playing around a lot with the new File API and some image manipulation etc. in javascript and am having tremendous fun doing so!
I’ve seen many people asking about folder uploading, which is an exciting new development. The problem most people seem to be having is with retaining file structures when uploading folders.

It is possible to retain the structure of folders during uploading. At the point of writing, I have been unable to find an equivalent for browsers that do not use webkit.
This post is for TESTING ONLY.

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Paste Image From Clipboard With Javascript and MooTools

12:13 pm

Images and text can be loaded from the user’s clipboard. For this example we will be focusing on loading an image from the clipboard.

Please note, this is for loading image data (i.e. right clicking an image within the browser and selecting copy, or taking a screenshot (to clipboard)) and not for loading copied files. (i.e. copying from the desktop) – That is stored in an entirely different place.

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